• Image of All White SIVE Shell Blanks (Assorted Sizes)

All white SIVE Shell Blanks are perfect for drawing on. They are a nice pocket sized sticker that takes most traditional paint markers very well. Packs are split into sets of 25 but when you order multiple packs use the code "MultiPack" at checkout and save yourself 10% on all blank stickers.

SIVE Shell Vinyls offer a matte finish which works well with paint markers and most alcohol markers when drawing.

SIVE Shell Vinyl Durability Test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zDPndiQkjk

Please Note: I am away from my inventory of these stickers due to the holiday. Any orders before 1/9/2017 will be compensated with additional artwork because they will not ship until after the mentioned date.

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