• Image of Custom Thermal Stickers

Thermal stickers are perfect for trading and exchanging. Each sticker comes cut to size with a peel tab on at least one edge making for easy sticking. Thermal stickers do not have long outdoor durability but for the price they are a great way to get your artwork seen. All custom prints, come with a small sticker pack of my work, along with other artists I have exchanged with.

Prints are black and white or a halftone grey scale, any size up to 4x8 inches. If you would like a size not shown, email me at mistersive@aol.com and I can quote the order based on your specifics. There are no quantity limits so if you would like to order more than what is listed I can offer larger bulk discounts as well.

Here is a durability test of the stickers in the elements of the world: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DREdL8Je3hs

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