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How To Submit A Design

If you’re interested in ordering or have just placed your order for custom stickers, please read the following guidelines for what to expect throughout the process. Don’t hesitate to ask questions directly to me at SiveGraffiti@gmail.com I will gladly clarify anything about the process.

Design Guidelines:

-          Provide your image in the highest resolution that you can. Ideally 300 DPI or higher at 4x6 inches is my recommendation for super clean results.

-          Don’t feel the need to format it, I will format to print in the best resolution without distorting the image.

-          If your design does not fill the whole area such as a 4”x5” design I will center the image and then cut off the unused sticker area.

-          Have permission to use the artwork, no Biters!

-          Send the design alongside your order number, and an Instagram handle to SiveGraffiti@gmail.com , I will confirm upon receiving it.

-          Images that have color, or shading beyond just black and white will be printed using a grey scale halftone method. This is a great way to get some variety in the contrast of the stickers.

-          If you have multiple images, I can print up to one design per 100 stickers. With the minimum order of 200 stickers, you can have up to two different designs.

-          If you desire more than one color sticker background, I can also split them in increments of 100. Even if you purchase the minimum of 200 stickers, leave a note with a second color and I can do half the order with pink and say the other half in green.


-          I’m a one man show, which means I print and ship once per week. I try my best to have your stickers in your hand no more than 10 days after you order.

-          I generally print over the weekend and ship on the following Monday. If you place your order by Friday, the stickers will ship the coming Monday and should arrive domestically in 2-3 days (~7 days total).

International Orders:

-          International orders are accepted just please be aware international shipping charges can be expensive. To help avoid this I recommend getting a friend or two in on the same order and having all of the stickers ship together.

-          International shipping cost about the same for 200 stickers as it does 800, so larger quantities will drastically reduce the cost per sticker.

-          Shipping generally takes an additional 10 days.

If any of the information provided was unclear please feel free to email me directly at SiveGraffiti@gmail.com