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100 Blank SIVE Shells

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Image of 100 Blank SIVE Shells

Holographic SIVE Shell Blanks are extremely reflective making these stickers stand out with ease. For a short time packs of 100 3x4 inch blanks will just be $15. Check out the black and white packs as well.

Holo's have a gloss finish so they work great with paint markers, robust ink based markers, and solvent based inks. These stickers are beyond permanent and can weather the elements. Shells are designed to go onto a surface and be a huge hassle to get off. Use this information as you please.

For reference all dimensions are in inches, and 3x4 stickers are the perfect size for a tag or small character. Packs are split into sets of 25 but when you order multiple packs use the code "MultiPack" at checkout and save yourself 10% on all blank stickers.

SIVE Shell Vinyl Durability Test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zDPndiQkjk